Multipart Business Forms

Laclede Printing Company in St. Louis is your source for multipart business forms. There are several types of multipart forms, and usually each different part is on a different color of bond paper. Those used most often by small businesses are classified as follows:

A variety of operations can be performed when manufacturing multipart business forms. They can be numbered, printed in one or more colors, printed on the back, perforated, drilled with holes, or affixed with labels. The most common paper stock used is a lightweight bond and sometimes a tag stock as the bottom sheet when a heavier weight paper is needed. Ten or more parts can be collated into a form, but if the user wishes to print or type on it, it is wise to limit it to no more than five or six parts, because the fewer parts there are the more legible the writing on the bottom sheets will be.

Up to 10,000 forms can be produced from your original artwork and delivered in approximately ten to twelve working days. If we are to compose the form for you (that is, produce the original) or for larger quanitities, please allow slightly more time. If you would like a price for producing your form please mail some samples of the form to us if they are available, and if none are available please provide a sketch or mockup with the information about your form and we will determine what needs to be done. We will help you get what you want, and make it as easy as we can for you.

Please contact us by telephone, fax, email, or postal mail to get started on producing the forms that you need.

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